Quinoa is a herbaceous plant originally of Latin American, specifically grown near Titicaca lake in Puno, Perú. Place where is found more varieties and is grown since pre-incas time.
Reaches a size of 0.5 a 2m of high, also posses a straight stem and his color is variable; seeds, which constitute the greater part of nutritional value are small with diameters between 1.8 and 2.2mm. Quinoa has different colors. There are white, brown, yellow, pink, grey, red and black. The average yield obtain are between 1,500 to 2,000 Kg / Ha.
Quinoa is farm from sea level to 4 000 msnm. , exists suitable ecosystems systems from saline and alkaline floors to zones with frozen winds.


Quinoa is not more than a seed, but has unique characteristics when is eaten is not more than a seed, but can be used as a cereal, is that why it’s called to a pseudocereal. Quinoa posses the most part of energy in form of carbohydrates, but also adds near 16 grames of proteines for 100 grames of Quinoa eaten.
If we compare Quinoa with the most part of cereals, it contains so much more proteins, highlighting the presence of Omega 3 and 6. Regarding caloric intake, quinoa is similar or slightly higher than a cereal because it contains fewer carbohydrates.


  • Black

Was used by incas and their people, this alimentary treasures of Pachamama help the old population of Pre-hispanic Peru to maniató health and by testimonies of old peruvian chroniclers, having in average more height that actual population; black quinoa also contains amonoacids which estimulates growth. It’s recommended for kids to prevent the natural illnesses of their age.

  • White

White quinoa has an excellent proteica reserve unlike another grandes and cereals, has amino acid named lising making white quinoa more complete.

  • Red

Is an andinian cereal, with an exceptional nutritive value rich in vegetables proteins, with gluten free, and with high levels of carbohydrates and excellent balance of essential amino acids.


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